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Most Popular Eliquids for 2018


There are hundreds of websites that sell Ejuice. However, not many has all the flavor you want or the best price guaranteed. ... Read full article

Me and My Pax - A Personal Tale of Awesomeness!


There was a time where the only things I smoked were pipes or joints. Then I bought a bong. It was great. However, it wasn’t until I got the first Pax that I knew that I was in love. I first bought the Pax 1 back when it came out.... Read full article

The Pulsar Volt: A Dynamic Dabber


Pulsar Vaporizer, a manufacturer whose name has been synonymous with reliability and affordability has recently unveiled their newest vaporizer which promises dynamic, high-voltage performance despite its small and compact stature.... Read full article

SMOK G-Priv 220W Vaporizer Kit Review


If you’re looking to upgrade from your basic e-cigarette or vaporizer and looking at sub-ohm vaping, then the SMOK G-Priv 220W vaporizer could be just what you’re looking for!... Read full article

Studies Show the Danger in Banning E-Liquid Flavors


As vaping rapidly gains popularity around the world, some governments are looking to try and control the spread of e-cigarettes through banning e-juice and e-liquid flavors.... Read full article

The Top Vape Brands of 2017!


Looking to get the best vaping gear from the top vape brands of 2017? We have compiled a detailed list of the top vape brands of 2017 for you!... Read full article

Uwell Crown III Tank Review


Looking at getting a new tank? Then check out our review of the Uwell Crown III!... Read full article

Top Vaporizers Of The Best Vapor 2017

by VapingZone on

While some vapers are all about the vape flavor, others are all about the vapor. If you're interested in cloud chasing, making the right choice of vaping device is key to achieving your ultimate goal. ... Read full article

The Top 5 Cheap Portable Vaporizers on the Market


When looking for new vaporizer products, bargain savvy customers are sure to seek value from their vaping products when they buy online. Affordability for most does not replace quality; customers need a balance of both. ... Read full article

The Best Mod Starter Kit For 2017


There is a lot of information related to vaping online. This information overload can make it very difficult for you to understand what you need to start vaping in 2017. ... Read full article


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