New Study Claims Vaping Linked to High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, and Depression!

You would be forgiven for believing that mainstream media had a grudge against vaping based on the articles and news stories doing the rounds lately. It only takes one study or one unfortunate event for mainstream media outlets to pile on and condemn vaping as something unhealthy and evil.

This leads us to this study recently published by the American College of Cardiology. Just look at the heading and sub-heading ‘E-Cigarettes Linked to Heart Attacks, Coronary Artery Disease and Depression – Data reveal toll of vaping; researchers say switching to e-cigarettes doesn’t eliminate health risks.’ Sounds pretty ominous.

But, does this latest study doing the rounds of anti-vaping groups stand up to its claims? Let’s break it down and see what’s really happening.

According to the study they surveyed almost 100,000 people from 2014-2017.

  • The key findings of this study were that e-cigarette users were 34% more likely to have a heart attack, 25% more likely to have coronary artery disease and 55% more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety compared to non-vapers.

That alone seems pretty bad, but before we break it down and move on, let’s look at traditional smoker’s statistics.

  • Traditional cigarette users were 165% more likely to have a heart attack, 94% more likely to have coronary artery disease and 78% and were also significantly more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, circulatory problems, and depression or anxiety compared to non-smokers.

Obviously, anytime you inhale something or introduce something into your body your increasing your chances of negative health repercussions. Vaping was never designed to be 100% healthy. It was designed to provide smokers with a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Which judging by the statistics above it’s doing easily?

One of the biggest drawbacks to this study is that of the vapers surveyed; it doesn’t take into account how long it had been since they quit smoking or even if they had ever smoked. The negative health aspects associated with traditional cigarette use can take years to repair.

They also failed to note whether the damage reported by e-cigarette users was caused by e-cigarette use another source or the damage was already evident before e-cigarette use.

Nowhere will you find credible vapers claiming that vaping or e-cigarette use is 100% safe for you. What you will find though are multiple studies which consistently show that vaping is not only better for you than smoking, it also has lower risks of harm through the second-hand vapor.

One study in particular from Public Health England went as far as to claim that smoking could be as much as 95% better for your health compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

As with all studies and claims, it pays to do a little bit of your own research before jumping to conclusions. Ultimately, mainstream media is trying to do one thing, make money. The more outrageous the headlines, the more people will be drawn in. Happy vaping!

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19 Mar 2019

By Ben Johnson

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