How to Convince a Smoker to Switch to Vaping?

If you have friends or family that are still smoking traditional cigarettes and you’re not sure how you can convince them to give vaping a go, here are the top benefits of vaping!


How to convince a smoker to switch to vaping? It isn’t always easy. There is a whole lot of information and misinformation out there in the mainstream media about how bad vaping is and how good it could be for you. If you have been vaping for a while and successfully managed to give smoking the flick for good, then there is a good chance that you already know how much better e-cigarettes and vaporizers are for you and how much better you have felt since you quit smoking. Sites like Used Vape are a good place to start. They provide resources for vaping and sell a large variety of vaping accessories and used vaporizer equipment.


The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to convince a smoker to switch to vaping is not to ‘preach’ at them. Everyone already knows that smoking traditional cigarettes is extremely bad for your health. Traditional cigarettes are responsible for around 7 million deaths around the world every year. According to the World Health Organization, 6 million deaths are related directly to smoking, while almost 1 million more are related to exposure from second-hand smoke. 


The benefits of vaping compared to traditional cigarettes:

  • Your Own Health – This would have to be the most important reason why anyone would consider making the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaporizers or e-cigarettes. We aren’t saying that vaping is 100% safe, but according to Public Health England vaping or e-cigarette usage could be 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. While there haven’t been any long-term studies into vaping, there have been a lot of studies into its immediate benefits. For this reason alone, the choice to make the switch from smoking to vaping should be crystal clear.


  • Choice of Flavors – With most tobacco products, you only have very limited choices in flavors. Menthol, or different varieties of tobacco, but all very similar. When you start vaping you’ll be able to vape thousands of different flavor combinations and flavor profiles. Every day there are e-liquid and e-juice manufacturers developing different flavors. Candy flavors, juices, fruits, desserts, drinks, and yes, even tobacco.


  • Aesthetics of Vaping – While vaping may or may not be considered cool, it’s a whole lot cooler than smoking. We all know how bad smoking traditional cigarettes is, and every day governments around the world are moving to limit where and when you can smoke. It makes you stink; it makes your teeth yellow, it stains your home, car, clothes, and fingers. There is nothing good about looking or smelling like an ashtray. When you vape, you avoid all this. No dangers of second-hand smoke and no stains or smells.


  • It’s Convenient – Vaping is a whole heap more convenient than smoking. When you smoke, you’re treated like a leper. When you utilize a vaporizer or e-cigarette, you can discreetly pull it out and have a few drags then place it back into your pocket again. No hassles, and no dirty looks.

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04 Apr 2018


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