Bottle: 60 ML

Nicotine level: 6 MG

Flavor Profile: Apple Pie

Fresh apples mixed with a perfect blend of caramelized brown sugar, with a hint of cinnamon.

Dinner Lady Apple Pie by Dinner Lady is an apple pie free base E-Liquid that comes in a 60 ML bottle. The price for the juice varies from vape shop to vape shop and website to website but is usually in the $22-$24 range (Dinner Lady does not sell their juice on their website).

The E-Liquid produces good cloud production but the marketing label on the juice leaves a little to be desired as it doesn’t show any reference to a “pie” anywhere. It is however, green which can depict an apple color. The flavor profile is exactly as described and is a smooth and delicious juice. If you enjoy Apple Pie, this is certainly a juice for you!


For a more detailed review, please check out the video below.


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31 Jan 2019

By Storm Vape

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